NC251 Pin Probe Testable, No-Clean Solder Paste


In order to simplify the pin probe testing process and improve the SMT no-clean process in general, AIM has developed NC251, a low residue, pin probe testable no-clean solder paste. Users of NC251 will benefit from an exceptionally broad process window for pin probe testing, a reduction in common solder paste related defects, and a product that is robust enough to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

The residues of NC251 are probeable from directly after reflow to two months later, even after multiple reflow profiles. NC251 also may be pin probe tested with a variety of probe styles, materials, and pressures and will not gum up probe heads or shatter and flake off during pin probe testing.

In addition, NC251 has proven to greatly reduce or eliminate solder defects such as solder beading by discrete components and voiding on micro-BGAs. Furthermore, NC251 offers low post process residues, excellent wetting properties, extended idle time, tack time, and stencil life, is capable of high speed printing without slumping, and passes all Bellcore and IPC reliability testing.

NC251 may be reflowed in air, has a one year refrigerated/six month room temperature shelf-life, and may be cleaned with saponified water. NC251 is available in a wide variety of alloys, powder mesh sizes, and all conventional packaging.

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