On-Site Consulting & Solder Support

AIM Solder's Technical Support Specialists are well trained to address the most difficult issues of the soldering process. These specialists are backed by AIM’s Technical Support, Chemical, and Metallurgy Departments, staffed by experienced professionals providing technical support on 24-hour a day basis. Our Technical Support Department maintains a profile for each customer, which includes data pertaining to equipment, processes, machine settings, etc., so that an immediate response may be given for even the most complicated soldering issue.


If a technical issue cannot be resolved locally, or via telephone or electronic communication, members of AIM Solder’s Technical Support Department are available to visit a customer to provide on-site consultation for specific solder assembly difficulties. AIM’s Technical Support personnel will work with the customer’s process engineers and machine operators, sharing their expertise in soldering materials and applications, until the issue has been resolved completely. A full report detailing the technical issues and solutions found will be generated and forwarded to the customer for future reference.

In addition, on-site consulting by AIM Solder’s Technical Support personnel is available for educational or training purposes. Customers may take advantage of AIM’s Solder Process Training Seminars and Soldering Application Audits performed by qualified AIM personnel. By utilizing these support services, AIM Solder’s customers are able to receive the latest news in soldering technology and are offered suggestions as to how to optimize their solder processes to avoid future application difficulties.