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With a legacy spanning more than eight decades, AIM has risen as a global powerhouse of innovation in electronic assembly materials, driven by the relentless passion of our exceptional team.

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When you choose AIM, you’re choosing more than just a supplier – you’re choosing a partner committed to your long-term success.

Long-Standing Expertise : AIM’s rich history spans over 85 years, a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence. Our top leadership consists of individuals who have grown with the company, bringing decades of expertise to the table.

Core Values : Our strong core values prioritize relationships and long-term success, ensuring that every interaction with AIM is guided by integrity and dedication.

Worldwide Reach : AIM boasts a global presence with locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, North Africa, China, and India. Wherever you operate, AIM representatives and technicians are readily available to provide product supply and support.

Personalized Attention : AIM is dedicated to offering personalized attention, ensuring that your unique needs are met with precision.

Around-the-Clock Technical Support : Our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist you in achieving your manufacturing goals. We employ experienced engineers who are ready to answer your calls and address on-site challenges.

Cutting-Edge Laboratories : AIM’s applications laboratories replicate unique production conditions for product development, optimization, technical support, and training purposes, staying at the forefront of industry innovations.

Aggressive R&D : AIM understands the rapidly evolving market and invests in an aggressive Research and Development program staffed with process engineers, metallurgists, and chemists. This ensures that we provide cutting-edge solutions to meet the manufacturing challenges of tomorrow.

Global Standards : AIM maintains consistent corporate standards across all manufacturing facilities worldwide, including equipment, processes, environmental controls, quality systems, and contingency plans.

Certifications : Many of our facilities are certified to meet industry standards, such as IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, ensuring consistent quality regardless of your location.

Environmental Responsibility AIM is committed to sustainability. We offer comprehensive dross and scrap reclamation services, working with environmentally conscious transportation partners and organizations dedicated to repurposing waste materials.

Safe Processing Our reclamation services feature environmentally safe processing, complete documentation, maximum recovery value, and prompt settlements. We even provide free reclamation buckets for your convenience.

What our customers have to say.

We knew our client’s void requirement was well below IPC specifications, but AIM's on-site Technical Support was able to reduce LED voiding to nearly zero. Thank you AIM!
AIM Customer
Industry Segment
After multiple line-down situations with a previous supplier, we made the switch to AIM. We can always rely on AIM for fast turnaround times and low minimum order quantities.
AIM Customer
Industry Segment
Local supply and support make AIM the best choice for our operation. They know us, our personnel and our equipment. Other vendors don't even know our name.
AIM Customer
Industry Segment

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